Birch Wood Vale

Birch Wood Vale caters for students aged 11-19 with learning and cognition needs including autism. We offer a mainstream style curriculum, which is broad and balanced providing students with the opportunity to take a range of qualifications including GCSEs. We are able to provide both SEND specialist teachers and subject specialists in a small nurturing environment with approximately 14 students in each class. Therefore we are able to ensure students get a careful balance of academic opportunities, life skills including preparation for adulthood and therapeutic input. We have a good track record of success with many students achieving GCSEs and moving on to take up college courses.

Nurture Independence/Aspire Pathway

Cycle 1 – 2022/2023

TransitionIndependence/Aspire Pathway

Cycle 1 – 2021/2022

Year 7 Aspire Pathway

Year 8 Aspire Pathway

Year 9 Aspire Pathway

Year 10 Aspire Pathway

Year 11 – Aspire Pathway

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