The purpose of our school uniform is to enhance our feeling of community and pride in our school. The school student council thought it was important to have a school uniform that students could wear and feel a sense of belonging, yet they were also keen to respect students for whom uniform would not be appropriate. As such there is a school uniform which where possible we would like our students to wear and we very much appreciate parents’ co-operation in this. However we are clear that the uniform is not compulsory and we encourage parents to make reasonable adjustments for those students who have particular needs ensuring their clothing enables them to be comfortable and as independent as possible. We fully appreciate that for some students uniform is not appropriate and respect your decision as parents and carers to adjust this accordingly.

Student uniform at Birch Wood Grange Drive site is available to order through the school office, alternatively you can purchase items from Kidzone, and grey or black skirts/trousers/shorts can be worn along with sensible, safe school shoes. You can view the price list here.

Birch Wood Vale student uniform will be available at: 

There is no need to get all uniform straight away. Any problems please let Ros know. The uniform includes:

  • Birch Wood Vale logo Blue Sweatshirts/Blazers
  • White/sky blue shirts or polo shirts.
  • The above tops should be worn with grey or black skirts/trousers/shorts and sensible, safe school shoes.

Sizing samples are available to try at school.

Please note:

  • All clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name
  • Sixth Form students are not expected to wear uniform

Practical college courses or work experience

More flexible, casual and washable clothing may be worn that is appropriate to the activity for example jogging trousers and T-shirts for construction and decorating courses.

Students must wear clothing that is required for the role when at work experience.

P.E. and Swimming

We also ask for P.E. kit to be provided – black shorts/track suit bottoms, a round neck T shirt and pumps/trainers. Tracksuits and team kit are available from school for inter-school sports fixtures.

You may also require swimsuits/swimming shorts/towel