School meals are cooked in the kitchens on the main Birch Wood site premises, they are available to all pupils. There is a limited choice, but pupils are given a menu sheet to bring home so that all are aware of the choices available.

The cost of the school meals is notified to parents at the beginning of the school year or as the child starts at Birch Wood. Forms to apply for free school meals are available from the school office.

Special diets can be catered for, however if these are specific diets, such as gluten free, then this takes a little time to process and the application for a special diet needs to be made early. It is common practice for the accommodation of a special diet to need support from a medical professional.

School meals are eaten in the main school hall. They are served in a cafeteria style. The youngest children go to the hall first for their meal. Cooked meals are transported and to BW2 where meals are served in the Atrium.

Many pupils bring sandwiches. They eat these with the other children who are eating school meals.

There are no set places at lunch time. Pupils are encouraged to sit with friends from their own class or other classes. There is plenty of support. Teachers and teaching assistants either do a duty in the hall or the playground and we also employ midday supervisors.

Please be advised of increase to meal prices at Birch Wood School and Vale 2020-2021. KS2 £2.30 per day KS3 upwards on both sites £2.50 per day.