Key beliefs and ethos for behaviour at Birch Wood School

We believe that:

Amy Dunstan – Deputy Head Behaviour & Culture

 • Children and young people want to behave well. 

• Behaviour is a means of communication – we must ensure that all pupils are supported to communicate their needs safely and appropriately. 

• With the right support and intervention children and young people can learn to improve their behaviour and manage well.

• Mistakes are part of the learning process and we recognise that all of our children and young people are at different stages of the developmental process. 

• All of our children have learning difficulties which impact on how they learn to behave.

 • All adults can learn strategies to support young people to improve their behaviour. 

• As a school we strive to understand the impact of trauma on all students, staff, and families and create an environment that is supportive of physical, emotional, and mental wealth