At Birch Wood School all of our students have Special Educational Needs and they all have Education, Health and Care plans. Many of our students are capable of entering the world of work either in paid or voluntary employment. The percentage of young people with special needs entering paid employment is far too low and is something we are passionate about changing.

When our students are nearing the end of Year 11 they have the option to stay on and study within our Post 16 provision or they can access further education at a local college. For those students in Post 16 they also have the option of progressing to a local further education college. Some students might want to start work as a volunteer or an apprentice, some will access part or full time employment. Each student is an individual with unique aspirations.

To support students in accessing the world of work we make sure that they:

Have had an opportunity to experience the working world.

We have enterprise days, career talks, employer involvement and preparation for adulthood programmes within school.

Are prepared for the world of work and the transition from school.

We work with students so that they have the transferable skills to take in to life. Skills such as communication, problem solving and teamwork. Students work on these skills every week and throughout their lessons. We also work with our older students to develop CVā€™s and practice their interview skills through mock interviews with local employers.

The Careers Programme at Birch Wood School is supported by our Careers Adviser from Leicestershire Education Business Company. All of our staff support the careers programme and assist us in working in partnership with local employers so that students can enter the world of work and become more independent in the future.

We are always looking to develop relationships with local businesses. If you feel your workplace could work with us to enrich our careers programme and help our students prepare for the world of work then please contact us. We have lots of opportunities for you to work with us in supporting our young people. This may be through offering to deliver some mock interviews, an assembly, a visit to your work place or being able to offer a work placement. If you would like to talk through any of these opportunities please contact Tom Smith, Head of School at Birch Wood Vale, on 01664 483340.