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  • Birch Wood College Autumn 1 Newsletter
    Welcome to our first Birch Wood College parent/carer newsletter! We are excited to keep you informed of upcoming events, share student successes, and provide resources to help keep students safe
  • Grange Drive Autumn 1 Newsletter
    Welcome to Grange Drive’s first newsletter for the 2023/24 academic year. The students have had a very positive start to the autumn term, settling into their new classes, some with new peers and staff
  • Birch Wood Vale and Ashton House Autumn 1 Newsletter
    It has been great to welcome your child back to school and also getting to meet all of the students that are new to Birch Wood Vale & Ashton House. It is difficult to believe that half term has come around so quickly. Students have adjusted really well to the new timings and routines of the school day.
  • Summer Newsletter 2023
    You can download our newsletter below or click the full screen icon on the image above.
  • Birch Wood Vale Transition Evening
    Dear Parents and Carers, We would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to Birch Wood Vale school. We …
  • Birch Wood Vale Summer 1 Newsletter
    We are pleased to be able to share with you the activities that have been taking place at Birch Wood Vale this term. Although this is a short term students have had lots of educational opportunities which have included sports festivals, leadership opportunities, celebrating the Kings Coronation, visiting Leicester including travelling by train. As well as linking into their curriculum this is also giving students additional skills in preparing for adulthood. I hope that you and your family have had a lovely half term, we look forward to the next and final term of the year.
  • Ashton House Summer 1 Newsletter
    As the Summer Half Term ends, it has been wonderful to see all the young people making the most of the warmer weather. Social games and activities are in abundance during break and lunch and greater interaction between Ashton House students and Birch Wood Vale student is clear to see. Its such a pleasure to see our young people widen their social circles and this reflects the growth in the social skills and confidence.
  • Grange Drive Summer 1 Newsletter
    As the summer warms up it has been wonderful to see the children playing and learning together outside and making the most of the wonderful weather. The school has continued to develop and we are excited to announce that our soft play and multi- sensory room has been opened! The children (and staff!) have been very excited by the new facility
  • April 2023 Executive Head Teacher Update