Lego Therapy

Hi, I am Katie Bedder. I have a very diverse range of experience in working with a variety of needs, specialising in Autism, and Emotional and Social Difficulties.

I provide Lego Therapy within school. Lego Based Therapy is a Social skills programme for Children and Young people with social communication difficulties. Lego Based Therapy enables children and young people to improve social skills, communication, concentration, following instructions and Fine Motor skills. Students can access both 1 to 1 sessions along with group sessions dependant on their needs.
Research studies have found Lego therapy to be an effective means of developing “verbal and non-verbal communication, joint attention and task focus, collaborative problem-solving, sharing and turn-taking” (LeGoff and Sherman, 2006).

In a 2008 study, children who participated in Lego therapy demonstrated increased learning and generalisation of social skills and reduction of behavioural concerns in comparison to a control group who did not receive intervention (Owens, Granader, and Humphrey). I strongly believe that every student should have the opportunity to talk and listened to in a non-judgmental and relaxed environment. This in turn will improve their self –esteem and inspire them to respect themselves and others.