Sarah Wallis

Sarah is a qualified Art Psychotherapist, registered with the Health Professionals Council (HCPC) and a full member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).  Art Therapy gives young people a voice through art, where they might find it difficult to express themselves verbally.  

Art therapy is available to anyone, and there is not an expectation to be good at art, as it is not an art lesson.  Sessions are student led, and art forms might not always develop into a neatly formed image, instead there can be a creative and imaginative process that can evolve into lots of different shapes, forms and sometimes ‘mess’. Therefore, students are provided with a safe space to be able to explore and express their emotions through their artwork using a variety of art materials.  An image or creative form/object can provide a student with a visual representation or metaphor of their thoughts and feelings, enabling them the opportunity to make sense of their world and their identity within the world at their own pace, providing them with some autonomy.  Art therapy can also be helpful for young people with additional sensory needs, where interaction with the art materials can help with regulating emotions, levels of distress, or to use as a form of enjoyment and relaxation.